wood carvings

     This is an example of the high releif carving I can do.
 It is hand carved from peice of reclaimed submerged lumber
from an old abandoned saw mill in northern michigan.

          Here is an example of a low releif carving i have done from
a plank of yellow cedar.

             Here is a couple of seahorses that i carved from 
a peice of california red wood.

               Here is a set of fish bones that i carved from a 
peice of white pine.

          Here is a peice of pine from a lightning strike that i
have carved into a expresive face that was larger than life
over two feet tall!

         This was was done from a huge peice of slab wood red pine, the ants came crawling out of this one but i kept going!
 it made a great gift.almost 4' long.

       This was a large plank of white pine 4 foot set of fish bones!