for sale

                            thank you for looking !!!!

          i have for sale, a matching set of totem poles!!
     These are two hand carved and hand painted 9' totem poles.
They are both made entirely from northern yellow cedar and painted
with acrilic paints. The top character is a native american style 
thunderbird. It in itself, is a never seen style including a 4' set of tail feathers
and a 5' wing span!
              Thunderbird stands with its wings spread, keeping a watchful set of four eyes 
   over wherever its final rest will be. Thunderbird stands with its talons clutched upon the
    next charaters head.

                          This character is based on a native legend, who
was beleived to have the ability to take on the shape and the powers of an animal.

      In this case he has taken human form and is receiving energys from the frog.

          Frog has many meanings.In this case symbolizes luck and good fortune!
  This set of totem poles will be on display at Cheboygans  Ottaw park this summer!

   There will be a silent auction!